Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Made It

More like Monday Makeover!  

These three pieces have been useful in my classroom but don't really go with my forever-and-always blue theme.  The little metal piece is magnetized and usually holds chalk or markers for my anchor charts.  I bought it my first year in this district.  It was pink.  I do not like pink.   

The box with wicker drawers was an ugly scratched up wooden box my assistant gave me after she cleaned out her house.  It's pretty useful...just not so pretty.  I contemplated on painting the drawers, but decided against it.  (I also ran out of spray paint.)

The other "thingymagiger"  I found in my grandma's basement.  I think it is supposed to be for drying dishes??  It was an ugly olive green.  I could just throw it out, but I really like using it for my scissors.    

And so... now all of my useful items are now useful and blue.  My forever-favorite classroom color.  


  1. It's amazing what a little spray paint can do to spruce up a classroom space. Love the color blue that you chose!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Love the color! Matching things make my heart happy :)

  3. I just #paintedallthethings on my porch for one of my made its! Love painting things...then you end up with something brand new! Thank you for linking up:)

  4. The blue looks awesome. I have never thought of using a plate and cup holder for scissors. Great idea.